Hydrogen-on-Demand for Trucks and Marine & Agricultural Generators

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Welcome to H24Fuel

H24Fuel is the sole UK & European authorised distributor of the HydroGen System™, a hydrogen-on-demand system for trucks and generators, requiring ONLY distilled water and leveraging FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY, developed and utilised by NASA for the Space Programme.

The purpose of this web site is to inform potential purchasers of the science behind the technology as well as the savings that can be achieved, both economically as well as environmentally, by using the system.


Benefits of the HydroGen Systemô at a glance:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Reduction of harmful Green House Gas emissions
  • Increased engine performance due to more complete fuel burn
  • Reduced periodic maintenance costs
  • Oil life is extended
  • Less unburned fuel
  • Cleaner exhaust systems
  • Extended service life of your vehicle and diesel engine
  • Reduced carbon build-up on the fuel injectors has been scientifically proven to increase engine life
  • As this is classed as a fuel additive,there is NO impact on manufacturer's warranty
  • As this is classed as a fuel additive,there is NO impact on vehicle insurance premiums

Parts List

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